Lake Achen

Lake Achen, PertisauLake Achen is the largest and most spectacular lake in the Tyrol. The blue-green waters are up to 400 feet deep, while the steep mountainsides to the east and west remind many visitors of a Norwegian fjord.

The Achensee is within easy reach of the three main regional airports and the lakeside villages offer an excellent choice of accommodation. The walking in the Rofan and Karwendel ranges is stunning and the choice of winter sports is wide.

Yet, for some reason, the Achensee region has never achieved great attention on the English-speaking travel market.

The outdoors travel industry terms the active niche 'lakes and mountains' holidays. It seems strange, therefore, that the biggest Tyrolean lake - one of its recognised beauty spots - features way down the list when it comes to package holidays.

Yet the days are long gone when organised travel was the only choice for an active alpine holiday. AchenseeHotels is an independent travel guide for people looking to research the region and visit under their own steam. The site provides information about the villages, the lake, the summer and winter sports and nearby attractions.

If you visit the area after reading this site, we would be happy to hear from you and will print any useful visitors' tips that we receive.