Achenkirch Walks and Hikes

The Annakirchl with Seekarspitze peak in backgroundAchenkirch sits a little way away from the lake and the valley thus offers access to the Karwendel and Rofan mountains.

Although there are hiking possibilities in all directions, the most popular routes head into the mountains on either side of the valley or south on the lakeshore.

The tourist office offers a walking programme for those staying in Achenkirch. The programme is split between the various resorts around the lake - starting one day in Achenkirch and the next in another village.

Walking to Pertisau

The hike to Pertisau at the southern end of the lake is a popular walk, with alternatives of varying degrees of difficulty.

The spectacular 10km trail along the lake’s western side is not as simple as it at first appears. The first section, from the southern end of Achenkirch through to the Gaisalm hut, has some steep climbs and descents. Those feeling intimidated by several exposed sections can use fixed cables in the rock - the route gets easier nearer to Pertisau.

An alternative route to Pertisau - without views of the lake - heads into the Oberau valley to the Schrambachalm. This crosses the valley behind the Seekarspitze and Seebergspitze and leads past the Pasillalm hut. The trail reaches the saddle of the same name before dropping to the popular Pletzachalm restaurant in the meadows about a kilometre outside Pertisau.

The last most challenging route to Pertisau is via the Seekarspitze and the ridge to the Seebergspitze, with exposed sections and scrambling. Good weather and mountain experience are advisable for this route.

Walking in the Karwendel

The Karwendel mountain valleys to the west are the easiest to access from Achenkirch.

The lift pylons of the Christlum area - a ski resort in winter – make the mountain less attractive than its neighbours to either side.

The Unterau valley leads to the Gröbenalm and before climbing to a pass which accesses the Bächen valley. The mine for the Steinöl fossil oil is at the base of the short steep descent.

Another popular walk heads from Achenkirch up to the Hochplatte peak. Those who don't want to hike all the way up can stay at the inviting Seewaldhütte before descending into the Unterau valley via the Kleinzemmalm hut.

The trail to the Juifen peak, with its excellent views, is another interesting walk. The usual trail passes the Falkenmoosalm and the Grosszemmalm.

Walking in the Rofan

The Hochunutz and its subsidiary peaks, the Vorderununtz and Hinterunutz, dominate the eastern side of the valley.

The tour across those peaks is a strenuous climb of over 1000m in altitude and involves some sure-footed hiking along the ridge but is a spectacular interesting day's walk in good weather. Most walkers climb the steep trail to the Zöhreralm, continue the ridge and then descend via the Köglalm.

Both of these huts make pleasant shorter hikes in their own right. An extension to the Köglalm trail runs past the Schönjochalm to the small village Steinberg am Rofan on the other side of the Hochunutz. The regional bus service runs back to Achenkirch from Steinberg.

At the northern end of the valley near Achenwald a couple of pleasant hikes lead up to mountain huts. The first trail climbs to the Blaubergalm near the border with Germany. The second follows an interesting marked geological trail from the bus stop or car park at the Köglboden (on the road to Steinberg) to the Gufferthütte.