Maurach Walks and Hikes

Rofan mountains above MaurachMaurach is the most developed of the three resorts around Lake Achen.

Even so, walkers can access several great hikes in the Rofan mountains towering above the hotels and guest houses.

The Rofan cable car leaves from the edge of the village and rises to open pastures in a bowl surrounded by limestone peaks and cliffs. The top station is at 1840m - the mountains rise another 500m above the cable car building.

Opposite the cable car, the Weissenbach valley offers limited access to the Karwendel ranges.

The lake shoreline offers easy strolls to Pertisau and Achenkirch. The extensive regional bus service, free to village guests, and the regular ferries simplify long walks to other destinations in the area. The tourist office offers frequent walks from Maurach and the other villages.

Walking in the Rofan

Most walkers use the cable car to reach the cliffs and peaks of the Rofan mountains. Despite the intimidating look of the steep limestone rocks surrounding the top station, the Rofan offer a couple of pleasant undemanding walks.

The trail to the Dalfaz Alm is a favourite hike. From the top cable car station it skirts the flanks of the Rotspitze before a slight drop to alpine pastures used for grazing and with a spectacular view across the lake to Pertisau.

The descent to Buchau passes the lovely Dalfaz waterfalls. More energetic hikers can take the climb to the Steinernes Tor and the route over the Kotalm to the Achenseehof ferry station.

An alternative tougher route from the cable car station to the Dalfaz Alm follows the path to the Hochiss peak and then drops to the Steinernes Tor and the alm meadows.

Alternatively, hikers can opt for the route to the south from the Rofanbahn top station. This descends towards the Buchaueralm, following the Hubersteig to the Astenau restaurant before returning to Eben. A steep side route climbs to the Ebner Joch along the way.

Other walks from Maurach

The Seeuferweg to Pertisau is a scenic shoreline stroll. Opposite the eastern lakeshore trail to Achenkirch is shadier and less crowded.

The Weissenbach valley is a little neglected by walkers. The gorge leading up to the saddle provides Maurach’s access to the Karwendel mountain range. The climb to the Weissenbach saddle and then along the open ridge to the Bärenkopf summit offers stunning views of the blue-green waters. Return the same way or descend to Pertisau and take the easy shoreline route back to Maurach.

Alternatively, the climb from the saddle to the Stanser Joch ridge offers great views to the Inn valley far below.